Bahçeşehir University offers more than a living space with UniHall, by means of which it has launched accommodation services for its boarding students in their new homes at Kemerburgaz Campus as of 2020. In UniHall, far from the noise of the city, you are presented with rooms designed to emulate the comfort of your home, facilities where you can have a good time with your friends, and a dorm experience allowing you with the the opportunity of either spending your time studying or indulging in whatever and whenever you want. You can access Beşiktaş South Campus with the shuttle services and take advantage of all the facilities available in the South Campus or other campuses, and with your BAU card, you can benefit from thousands of discounts at the most beautiful, amusing and pleasant places in Istanbul. UniHall student dormitory, which offers accommodation within the walking distance of the preparatory education you will be completing at the Kemerburgaz campus, is ready to fulfill its promise of high quality service for our dear students who would prefer not to miss such an ultimate experience. 

To the Attention of Preparatory School Students!


Summer Semester registration of Unihall Student Dormitory located on BAU Future (Kemerburgaz) Campus will be held between 06 – 10 June 2022. Since the amount of quotas are limited, detailed information may be obtained by calling the numbers below :


Numbers to call: (0533) 967 27 55– (0530) 260 99 15

Dormitories For BAU Prep Class Students

7/24 Camera Systems

High Speed Internet


Study Rooms

Cinema Room

Sports Facilities

Room Service



Hobby Rooms


Hair Salon

Types of Rooms

Boys Dormitory

Kız Yurdu İletişim


Male Dormitory Assistant Manager

+90 212 381 96 03

Bahar Yağmur Vodina

Girls Dormitory Officer

+90 533 967 27 55

+90 212 381 96 07


Dormitory Manager (Night)

+90 212 381 96 04  

Gülşah ÇELİK

Girls Dormitory Officer

+90 212 381 96 02


Dormitory Manager (Night)

+90 212 381 96 06



Dormitory Manager

Nilgün GEDİK

Dormitory Manager

For Information

For information on how UniHall processes your personal data, you can review the "Clarification Text on Processing Personal Data".

Transportation at UniHall

You will relish a breath of fresh air in Kemerburgaz, one of the greenest places in Istanbul. With UniHall, which is 20 minutes from BAU Beşiktaş South Campus, 10 minutes from Istanbul Airport and 5 minutes from the metro station, you will not waste time in traffic to go to your school. You will enjoy a unique dormitory experience in a location integrated with nature, and with recreational areas promoting concepts of science, technology, design, and art. 444 28 64Kemerburgaz Mithatpaşa Mahallesi İskoza Mevkii Eyüpsultan / İ

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